Software Support
Sven Zhang
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Fax: 0086-25-86223410

Warranty and AMC

1 year (12 months upon receipt) with extended AMC on paid service basis, extended AMC will be payable, TBD, case by case by negotiation

Advance Replacement

2% extra of contractual quantity will be provided on FOC basis in local stock of each individual market. In the event of a hardware failure, Corewise will provide advance replacement service to Customer in accordance with Warranty, AMC or Support Service clauses to ensure Customers’ services, usability and availability. Local agent will collect faulty items and return to China via shipper for refurbishment, substitution, repairing and updating, etc. All after-sale services will be free of charge within warranty period and will be payable thereafter.

Return to Factory Repair

All claims filed for hardware units that fail (under warranty, not under a maintenance contract) will be repaired or replaced (with refurbished equipment) at the sole discretion of Corewise. For those customers located outside P.R. China, it should be noted that Corewise's repair center(s) are in China and additional time (shipment days) should be factored into the overall repair time for transit to and from China.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

For hardware that is considered Dead On Arrival (DOA) within the first thirty (30) days from the shipment date of Product from Corewise manufacturing facilities, Corewise will provide an expedited replacement of the affected field replaceable unit (FRU). A new unit will be made available for shipment from a designated Corewise manufacturing facility within three (3) business days of acceptance.

Non-Contracted/Out of Warranty

Additional requirements for units that or not currently under a maintenance contract or no longer under warranty: Corewise will confirm the hardware failure and provide a quote to the customer for the repair or replacement of the hardware. The customer is required to provide a P.O. for the repair or replacement costs associated with the hardware failure. Once the P.O. is received, via fax or email, Corewise will process the case and send further instructions to the customer or shipment details.