Park Charging Solution 肯麦思国内市场联系方式


In order to alleviate the pressure of the parking lot, traffic police in many cities will draw a portion of the road, or of a particular place that is not used for the time being, to facilitate car owners for parking.

To manage a great many of parking lots, interim or permanent, large or small, parking managing staff can use the handheld terminal for temporary parking charge.

Most probably, there is no fixed equipment to manage the parking since it is temporarily set aside parking spaces on the road, or in a construction site, etc.

The operator can use the hand-held terminals for management and charging, which can record the parking time, upload the data to the server, print bills, etc. It is POS like terminal, integrated with 3G communication functions, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, camera, RJ45, USB and thermal printers.