Attendance & Timing Solution 肯麦思国内市场联系方式


Proximity standalone device with fingerprint sensors & RFID card readers can be utilized to check and control the right person to work in the right workplace at right time, record details of attendance, e.g. timing & check-in/out points.

1)    Register fingerprint image/ID, personal information into software platform and storesomewhere in backend server, web server, tablet pc, smart phone, etc;
2)    Wall-mount devices (CR30) to the access points, entry/exit gates, etc. Alternatively, we provide portable tablet pc to check attendance and timing with mobility;
3)    Employees, workers, faculties and stuff come to enter the office premises, press the fingerprint sensor or swipe personal RFID smart card;
4)    Device will cross check the inputs with stored fingerprint image/ID, personal information, verify and authenticate the entry attempts and give permission to pass;
5)    In the mean time, system will record the details, e.g. timing, person ID, and store into HR management system/platform;
6)    Exit attempts will record the same data into system.