Bank Teller Fingerprint Identity Authentication System 肯麦思国内市场联系方式



Data concentration system and integrated teller system have been the trend for bank transaction system. However, what are widely used in banks now are still traditional  “card + password” , signature, director authorization, which do not meet the high security demand for bank transaction system.
The existing “Card + password” identity authentication has some big flaws as follows:
Firstly, because of weak risk awareness or nervous emotion of bank tellers, there is a serious card mixture among tellers, which results in the leak or lost of password and makes the whole system in big security trouble—not only brings economic loss to bank but also damages the bank’s social image.
Secondly, because of its technical deficiency, “Card + password” identity authentication is worse in security, easy to copy and pattern.
Finally, The shortcoming of the traditional method that only objects but humans can be recognized cut the connection between authorization and user, increasing the difficulty for management.
In recent years, cases such password stealing, visiting system beyond his authority by disguising ID, illegal money filch are emerging. So how to enhance security control of inner personnel, how to eliminate security trouble of transaction system and to reduce finance crime of inner personnel, become the urgent problems to solve.


1、Solution based on front matching
In solution based on front matching, bank teller fingerprint identity authentication system includes: fingerprint library, fingerprint server (run client software of teller fingerprint management system), Front equipment, terminal and fingerprint reader. It is realized as showed below:

It is, fingerprint match adopts background mode (Matching 1);teller register and authorization identity authentication adopt emulation card command mode and complete in fingerprint reader (Matching 2).
2、Solution based on background matching
Realization principle chart of solution based on background matching is showed as follows: teller’s fingerprint template is stored in background data library, and fingerprint matching is finished in background host computer. Fingerprint reader only generates fingerprint template and extracts fingerprint feature when it connects with terminal.