Corewise Identity Solution 肯麦思国内市场联系方式


Corewise® is a leading provider of secure mobile biometric and credential authentication solutions. Corewise® handheld devices are engineered to provide identity assurance of individuals using a powerful combination of biometrics and secure document reading capabilities.

These all-in-one devices are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of agencies and commercial entities that require handheld document reading along with the power of biometrics to provide strong identity validation.

These AndroidTM-based integrated devices, with builit-in fingerprint sensor/RFID reader and optional barcode scanner, are designed to quickly read various smart credentials containing securely encrypted biometric and biographic data and then verify the subject’s identity by matching them with a live scan of their fingerprint and/or ID cards etc.

Corewise® portable and durable devices are the perfect fit for secure solutions for document/identity verifications. They allow multi-ID document verification including biometric authentication for eGov applications. Our smart devices paired with a handheld platform are extending our market reach in these security and KYC (Know Your Client) segments.

The devices include a full-feature SDK, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, contact and contactless card reading. They can verify the identity of an individual by using their fingerprint and a presented credential. The operator can also match to an onboard database or transmit and match a subject’s biometric to a remote database using the Wi-Fi or a cellular network. This combination of sensors and readers can authenticate an individual when matched to their ID cards such as state, local and national ID cards. The integrated 5MP camera can also be used to read 1D and 2D (QR) barcodes. In case a dedicated barcode scanning engine is required for professional and fast usage, these devices can also integrate barcode scanner hardware to substitute camera scanning.

Corewise® products are designed to meet the needs of biometric enabled civil, commercial, military and law enforcement programs (e.g. sales outlets, presidential elections, examinees’ entry control, etc) that demand mobility, reliable biometric capture and data acquisition in all possible tough conditions along with the openness and scalability of the Android OS. Devices provide operators with the ability to execute matches both onboard the device or over multiple communications networks including cellular and Wi-Fi. Standard features also include GPS for automatic geolocation and Bluetooth for connecting peripherals such as mobile phones, tablets, PC, and printers.